Fox Review: Stage Whispers

Publication: Stage Whispers
Author: Kimberley Shaw

30th September 2015


Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s Spring School Holiday production is a lovely new show, adapted from the book Fox, by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks.

This sweet story of friendship and trust is gently told, predominantly through Contemporary dance and puppetry, with minimal dialogue.

Performers Immanuel Dado as Dog and Jessica Lewis as Magpie, work beautifully together to tell a story of courage and faith. Stunning dancer, Rachel Arianne Ogle, plays their adversary both as Fire and Fox, in a stunning contrast and third beautiful performance. Narration by Kyle Morrison is well measured.

Lovely work from the creative team, including director Michael Barlow, creative consultant Noriko Nishimoto, Choreographer Jacob Lehrer, designer Leon Hendroff, composer Lee Buddle and Lighting designer Graham Walne.

This wonderfully intelligent theatre for children will be a lovely, calming holiday treat that will provide food for thought.

Kimberley Shaw