Vale Noriko Nishimoto

It is with a great sadness, love and respect that we let you know that our State Living Treasure, Life Member and long-time Artistic Director, Noriko Nishimoto, passed away yesterday morning.

Many of us have known Noriko for a very long time and have long professional and personal histories with her and will feel her death very keenly. I’m sure that many of us will also be in shock – she was such a vibrant part of the world of Spare Parts and the arts community in Western Australia. PIease feel free to contact Spare Parts Puppet Theatre or pop into the theatre at this time and importantly keep an eye out for any of us that may require support as they adjust to life without Noriko.

Our focus is on remembering the impact both past, present and future that this very exceptional and talented artist had on generations of people.

If you think that you or a colleague may require help, please consider the following options:
www.ruok.org.au/how-to-ask www.griefline.org.au