World Puppetry Day 2019

World Puppetry Day – 21 March, 2019

Happy World Puppetry Day 2019! Today people from all over the world are celebrating this special day and all things puppetry!

The idea of creating a World Puppetry Day was first discussed by the UNIMA members during the 18th Congress, in Magdeburg, in year 2000. The official date ”March 21st”, on proposition from Dadi Pudumjee, was approved in 2002 at the UNIMA Council Meeting in Atlanta and the first International Message was delivered in New Delhi in 2003 which gained popularity.

The founders of World Puppetry Day, the I’Union Internationale de la Marionnette (UNIMA) was built on shared passion for puppetry and they have released an international message about this year’s celebration. You can find the official message for 2019 by heading HERE. 

Every year to celebrate the day, UNIMA encourages people to show their involvement with a specific activity. This year people joined in on the fun by participating in a gigantic virtual parade of puppets. People were asked to make a cat puppet and then create a 30 second film with the puppet which was then compiled by UNIMA and shared across the globe. You can see the full video HERE.

We are celebrating the day by giving people the opportunity get a peak behind the scenes and see what it’s like for a day in the life of Spare Parts Puppet Theatre through a series of short videos shared on our Instagram and Facebook accounts!