Get to know the Miss Lily cast! Iona McAuley

What is your role in Miss Lily’s Fabulous Feather Boa?


How did you get started in the performing arts?

Studied at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts and landed my first job after graduating designing puppets for Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

What has been your favourite job so far and why?

My most favourite job so far was working on The Night Zoo designing puppets for the first time. Seeing my designs come to life was a thrill and a memorable experience.

Do you have a lucky charm like the feather boa, what is it?
If I did have a lucky charm it would likely be a blue feather.Did you have a favourite picture book or story as a child and can you tell us why you liked it?

My favourite picture book of all time is Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks. I love it because of the wonderful illustrations and beautiful story of friendship and acceptance.

Has there been someone like Miss Lily in your life and who were they?

My amazing and talented friend (Interdisciplinary Artist) Matthew McVeigh. He always believed in me and I am eternally grateful for all his encouragement and support.