Introducing our Design-a-Puppet Winner

The judges were impressed with the range of creative ideas submitted for our Design-a-Puppet challenge, and several more than the top three were discussed as possible winners. Jaafar Sukur’s “Bee” was chosen as our winner, not just for its story and appeal as a design, but because a bee is a symbol of community and a vital component of every ecosystem. The judges were charmed by its design and were immediately inspired to translate it into puppetry. Ideas began to flow like honey! Thank you to everyone who submitted entries and to our sponsor Lotterywest.

Below is a little bit more about our winner!

What year are you in at school? Pre-primary

Why do you like bees? Because they do lots of things, they are organised, they give us honey which I like and there is a whole chapter in the Qur’an, my holy book, named after this little hardworking cooperating creature (The bees, chapter 16)

What do you love most about puppets? I like the fact that black curtain has to be used to make the person who is moving the puppets

What is your favourite hobby? Reading stories, colouring, playing with scooter, swimming, gardening, playing with my 6 months old brother

We look forward to revealing the puppet creation of “Bee” at our 40th Anniversary Community Party on November 6, 2021!