Spare Parts Puppet Theatre explores the world of NFTs!

In an Australian first, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre teams up with local and digital artists to launch Doge Puppet and Puppet NFTs

Have you wondered what an NFT is? Are you an art lover after a new way to enjoy art? Would you like to support Western Australian artists and the creation of new puppetry works?

Led by regular performer and collaborator with Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, Nick Pages-Oliver, the project brings together the performing arts world with the digital community, embracing developing technologies to explore a novel revenue stream. Funded by @ownthedoge, the project involved the design of a Doge puppet by WA artist Leon Hendroff, which was crafted by Jackson Harrison. It will be immortalised as NFTs which will form part of the SPPT collection, and then given to @OwnTheDoge.

We are excited by this innovative opportunity to collaborate with and support artists.

Artistic Director Philip Mitchell says, “Spare Parts is delighted to make its first foray into the NFT world. As an organisation, we always do our best to be innovative and embrace the new. NFTs present a new way to engage with new audiences globally, but also a way to support and collaborate with our artists who we work with every day. We have no idea where this first collection might take us, but we are excited by the opportunity to experiment with new technology and dive right in.” 

Producer of the project, Nick Pages-Oliver says, “As someone who has been following NFTs for a long time, the collection of puppets at Spare Parts Puppet Theatre presented a rich catalogue of characters that I thought would make a fascinating collection of NFTs in the PFP (profile picture) style – like other popular collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Fast Food Punks.

“The project presents a great opportunity for Spare Parts, through the celebration of the work their artists have put into the designing and making of their many puppets over the years. When individuals purchase a Spare Parts NFT, they are supporting those artists.”

Artist Leon Hendroff adds,It’s wonderful to think that our creations can reach new and wider audiences through this digital art medium. This also provides a life for the puppets beyond the stage and even a second life for some that may live out their days in storage when shows become retired from a company’s repertoire. Puppets are more than toys or props, they embody the stories and voices of those that create and bring them to life. I hope that through this new medium, these loveable characters will bring joy to many more people and gain wider appreciation into the future for an art form that has evolved with the times over centuries.”

What is it?

Crypto art has been around for about half a decade, however for many people outside the crypto world, these digital assets, known as NFTs, ‘non-fungible tokens’ are a way for artists to monetise digital artwork using cryptocurrency.

“Non-fungible” means simply that it is unique. Most of these unique NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, like bitcoin or dogecoin, but its blockchain also supports these NFTs

NFTs are designed to give you something that can’t be copied, and like a physical piece of art, you have ownership of the work, though the artist still retains the copyright and that is the good bit because every time a SPPT PUPPET NFT is sold an artist will get a royalty and so will SPPT.

Why Spare Parts NFTs?

When you buy a gorgeous SPPT PUPPET NFT you are getting a unique connection to the puppet designer Leon Hendroff, and with Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, while giving you a warm fuzzy feeling that you are supporting the creation of new puppetry work and employment of artists.

Your NFT purchase is supporting the longevity of Spare Parts Puppet Theatre and celebrating the work that our artists have put into designing and making many puppets over the years, while offering you a collectable artefact.

For more information on buying a Spare Parts Puppet NFT contact Producer Nick Pages-Oliver: @mynameisniche on Twitter.


How can you buy one of our NFTs?

You can buy one of our NFTs on the marketplace OpenSea HERE.

To purchase an NFT on OpenSea, you will need to have a crypto wallet, which connects to the site. Instructions on setting up a crypto wallet can be found HERE. Our recommendation is to install the browser extension, MetaMask, which is the most popular software-based wallet. Specific instructions for MetaMask are HERE.

Once you have connected your wallet to OpenSea, you will be able to create a profile and purchase our NFTs. OpenSea allows you to make purchases with various cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, or with a credit card. Instructions on how to purchase using a credit card can be found HERE.