Cat Balloon

First Performance 1997

Based on the book by Paul (Palo) Morgan

There was one small cat, called Cat Balloon
Who wanted to fly to the moon.
‘Oh no!’ the other cats gave a loud cry,
‘That’s a crazy idea. Cats can’t fly.’

Based on the book by local West Australian author Palo Morgan, Cat Balloon is the story of a tiny cat with a large imagination.

In the land of dreams, Cat Balloon was not content to lie back and drink sweet honey tea, instead he dreamed of flying to the moon! Taking to the sea in a large silver spoon, this is the tale of his dreams coming true.

Noriko Nishimoto
Jane Davies with Noriko Nishimoto
Lee Buddle with John Reed
Lighting Designer
Karen Cook
Production Manager
Karen Cook
Noriko Nishimoto with Jane Davies

1997 Premiere Season

2000 Return Season, Fremantle

2008 Return Season, Fremantle

2012 Return Season, Fremantle


Laura Boynes

Shirley Van Sanden

Michael Barlow

Original Cast

Rachael Whitworth

Paul Johnson

Michael Barlow