School Season // Term 4
  • TERM 4 // 21 NOV – 2 DEC 2022

  • 10am & 1pm

  • 50 mins + 10 min Q&A

  • Perfect for Year 1+

  • Standard Price: $10 per school student. Group 40+: $8 per student. For every 8 students, 1 teacher attends free.

Hare Brain

Term 4
21 Nov – 2 December
10am & 1pm Daily

Hare Brain tackles the age-old dilemma – does fast and furious or slow and steady win the race?

Updated to a fantasy world of toy invention, replete with a gurgling think tank that sparks vacuum cleaners, mops and brushes into a life of their own, Hare Brain tells the tale of Harry and Toulouse who are in a slapstick race against time to find the perfect story that will fit the perfect toy. Who will it be that tells the final tale? Harry, the stressed-out marketing guru or Toulouse, the considered, gentle storyteller?

Hare Brain invites students to contemplate whether something can be achieved in a fast and frenetic way, or whether ‘tortoise’ thinking can lead to a better outcome. Obsession and addiction to technology are pitted against imagination and creativity in this engaging production.


Learning Areas

The Arts, English, HASS


For every 8 students, one teacher attends free.
Standard price: $10 per student
Group of 40+: $8 per student


Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, 1 Short Street Fremantle (opposite the Fremantle Train Station)

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Perfect for Year 1+