Adapted by Noriko Nishimoto

Kaguyahime¬†tells the story of one of Japan’s oldest tales.

On a night of the full moon an old bamboo cutter finds a tiny girl in the heart of a bamboo grove. The girl, Kaguyahime, grows quickly into a most beautiful womwn. People come from far and near to see her. Five wealthy men beg her to marry them.

Kaguyahime, unsire of what to do, asks the men to bring her gifts. These gifts tax each man’s character as they try to find the presents she has chosen. Meanwhile, night after night Kaguyahime sits and gazes at the moon until she realises that she should return there. It is her world. Even the Emperor cannot stop the moon taking her back.

Noriko Nishimoto
Tolis Papazoglou

1988 Festival of Perth


1990 Tasmania

Reviews & Media

"Quite beautiful."

"This company never ceases to amaze me with their inventiveness."