The Little Prince

Adapted from the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Take flight with your imagination with this beautiful production of The Little Prince adapted from the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. With its timeless message of the importance of forming friendships, The Little Prince is an adventure story that celebrates the strength of our imagination.

The Little Prince leaves his tiny planet and begins an adventure that reveals there are things that can only be discovered with the heart. For more than 70 years this timeless story has brought joy to adults and children alike with its beautiful insights and humour. Join the Little Prince and discover for yourself that those things which are essential are invisible to the eye.

Michael Barlow
Adapting Writer
Simon Clarke
Jiri Zmitko
Lee Buddle
Lighting Designer
Karen Cook
Puppet Construction
Jiri Zmitko and Kipling Smith
Production Manager
Chad Wetton

2007 Premiere Season, Fremantle

2014 Return Season, Fremantle

2016 Return Season, Fremantle

2016 National Tour

2016 Performers

Shane Adamczak

Jess Lewis

2014 Performers

Jacob Lehrer

Jess Lewis

2007 Performers

Mark Storen

Damon Lockwood

Reviews & Media

"The Little Prince leaps out from boxes and into hearts"

Nerida Dickinson, Australian Stage

"very moving and clearly captured the imaginations of the young audience."

Kimberley Shaw