at Sea

Adapted from the book by Tove Jansson

Moominpappa at Sea – Adapted from the book by Tove Jansson

Moominpappa at Sea follows the plucky Moomin family as they begin an exciting new life on a rocky island far out to sea. Each family member embarks on an adventure – encountering the island’s mysterious inhabitants and discovering their own sense of place.

From the rumblings of the ocean to the squawks of seabirds, an atmospheric soundscape will transport you to the remote island world of the Moomintrolls brought to life by solo performer, Michael Barlow. This unique magical adventure story of a family ‘at sea’ becomes a journey of self-discovery for us all.


  • Monday, 14 January: 1pm
  • Tuesday, 15 January: 10am & 1pm (Relaxed show 10am session – limited capacity)
  • Wednesday, 16 January: 10am & 1pm
  • Thursday, 17 January: 10am & 1pm (Special Nan & Pops Day for 10am session. Adopt A Puppet Parent Event for 1pm session)
  • Friday, 18 January: 10am & 1pm & 6:30pm (Special Auslan interpretation show for 6:30pm session)
  • Saturday, 19 January: 10am & 1pm
  • Monday, 21 January: 10am & 1pm
  • Tuesday, 22 January: 10am & 1pm
  • Wednesday, 23 January: 10am & 1pm
  • Thursday, 24 January: 10am & 1pm
  • Friday, 25 January: 10am & 1pm 6:30pm (PJ PARTY 6:30pm sessions – tickets $15 for groups of four or more)
  • Saturday, 26 January: 10am & 1pm
  • Tuesday, 29 January: 10am & 1pm
  • Wednesday, 30 January: 10am & 1pm
  • Thursday, 31 January: 10am & 1pm
  • Friday, 1 February: 10am & 1pm & 6:30pm (Special Nan & Pops Day for 1pm session. Scandinavian night 6:30pm session)
  • Saturday, 2 February: 10am & 1pm 

Special Relaxed show:
Tuesday 15 January, 10am

Special Auslan interpretation:
Friday 18 January, 6:30pm

Special Scandinavian night:
Friday 1 February, 6:30pm

From the Vikings to ABBA, Alfred Nobel to Greta Garbo, Sibelius to Bjork, Scandinavian culture has enriched the world. On the other side of the globe in our own special corner, we celebrate Scandinavian cultural enrichment through our summer season of Tove Jansson’s classic adventure story, Moominpappa at Sea, set on the Finnish shoreline. With its tiny islands, iconic lighthouses, and ever-present seagulls, Finland’s coastal landscape reminds us uncannily of WA’s own. This special summery, fun-filled twilight event has something for the whole family with a superb bedtime story, a slice of smoked salmon and Jarlsberg or two. There are door prizes for the kids in the best Viking or ABBA costume, including a $60 voucher from Miss Maud! So, get in touch with your inner Viking or Garbo and join us for a family show like no other, Scandinavian style!


Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, 1 Short Street Fremantle (opposite the Fremantle Train Station)


Produced by special arrangement with Agency North Ltd: www.agencynorth.com.

Perfect for ages 5+