Point of View (P.O.V)

First Performance October 31st 2012

The show was part of the FirstHand emergent puppetry artist program and each piece was been devised, written and performed by the 2012 FirstHand artists Rachel Sharcola Wells, Chloe Flockart, Sarah Mckellar, Emma Craig and Lunabella Mrozik-Gawler.

The performance pieces traverse adult and occasionally surreal terrain from Rachel Shecola Wells’ playful, bold and spiritual piece Bogolon using large scale movement, shadow puppetry and stilt performance, to Chloe Flockart’s Clean Linen which explores tales from behind a closed bedroom door, to Sarah McKellar’s Jack’s Women which tells the Jack and the Beanstalk story from the previously absent female perspective, Emma Craig’s Lights Out – a curious exploration of isolation as told by an unemployed light bulb and Lunabella Mrozik-Gawler’s The Terrific and Tumultuous Tale of Herr Morgenstein questioning the notion of destiny and choice in a fast paced vaudevillian farce.

The FirstHand emergent puppetry artist program was supported by the Ian Potter Foundation. The program aims to transition emergent performer and designers into sustainable careers in the performing arts sector, and specifically within the field of puppetry.

Rachel Sharcola Wells, Chloe Flockart, Sarah McKellar, Emma Craig, Lunabella Mrozik-Gawler

Rachel Sharcola Wells

Chloe Flockart

Sarah McKellar

Emma Craig

Lunabella Mrozik-Gawler