String Symphony
at Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

String Symphony will be showcasing at Festival 2018 as part of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games! Come along to meet a large lightbased puppet who stands more than four metres tall! Twinkling in the night’s sky, this friendly giant invites people to work together to create movement by pulling on its suspension strings, providing a unique, shared and multisensory experience for all ages.

Designer and maker of String Symphony Leon Hendroff, describes how String Symphony aims to bring strangers together for a unique shared experience.

“In a time when people might feel quite isolated themselves, String Symphony provides an opportunity for them to have a tangible connection with other people,” Hendroff said.

You can see String Symphony on April 6 at Festival 2018 from 9pm – 10pm at South Bank Parklands at Cultural Forecourt

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String Symphony is commissioned by the City of Joondalup.

String Symphony is a shared, enriching experience suitable for all ages that celebrates connection, community and collaboration.  It offers an impressive sightline at festival and events, where the general public can discover and bring to life the giant handcrafted marionette suspended within a network of ropes.