The Birthday

First Performance September 15th 2010

From the moment the smallest caterpillar hatches it waits for its own birthday to arrive, even though it doesn’t know why it has a birthday. It asks the spider but she can’t say what birthdays are for. So the caterpillar sets off to find out for itself, and along the way meets some very odd birthday guests.

Come on an adventure with a grubs-eye-view of the world in this visually huge performance that will stretch little minds and find out the best thing that happens on a birthday.

Philip Mitchell
Michael Barlow
Cecile Williams
Lee Buddle
Lighting Designer
Graham Walne
Puppet Construction
Sanjiva Margio, Cecile Williams & Jiri Zmitko
Production Manager
Lisa McCready
Costumes & Fabrication
Lyndell Darch

2010 Premiere Season, Fremantle


Michelle Anderson

Oda Aunan

Tim Watts

Reviews & Media

"The new Spare Parts show is a colourful hour of entertainment for the young 'uns"

Varnya Bromilows, The West Australian, 2010