The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek

First Performance 1998

Adapted from the book by Jenny Wagner, with illustrations by Ron Brooks

The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek tells the story of a bunyip who yearns to discover the truth about his identity and physical appearance. He journeys along the creek bed asking animals he meets what they think he might be… the platypus doesn’t know and nor does the wallaby. As he travels he grows more and more despondent, that is until he hears something stirring in the water… something strange, dark and muddy…




Noriko Nishimoto
Zoe Atkinson
Lee Buddle
Puppet Construction
Jiri Zmitko and Zoe Atkinson
Assistant Director
Michael Barlow
Noriko Nishimoto and Michael Barlow
Soprano and Dancer
Mel Robinson
Soprano and Dancer
Taryn Fiebig

1998 Premiere Season

1999 Regional Tour, Western Australia

1999 International Tour, Japan

2000 Return Season, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

2010 Spare Parts Puppet Theatre season

2010 Performers

Michael Barlow

Shane Adamczak

Mel Robinson

Original Cast

Michael Barlow

Paul Johnson

Taryn Fiebig