The Butcher’s Bride

First Performance December 8th 2005

With not a word shared (but with all the musical clichés) The Butcher’s Bride is the joining of our papered performing pair in tantalisingly tasty wedded bliss. From here their life together sometimes gets a little messy (oh Mr Hart!) but with a lot of love it ends happily ever after!

No.1 on the glamour scale, The Butchers Bride plays with food in ways that you have never imagined….edibly excessive, food feeding the mood…sweet and sour, hot and spicy, and sometimes just plain tasteless!

The Butcher’s Bride is an outrageous performance work that promises to astound, amuse and be one of the most memorable performance you will ever see!

Philip Mitchell
Kristy Grierson

2006 South Perth

2007 Dardanup


Narellel Simpson

Philip Mitchell

Stefan Karlsson

Rachael Whitworth

Brendan Coleman

Giri Mazzella

Michelle Robin Anderson