The Midnight Gang

First Performance October 2001

Adapted from the book by Margaret Wild

The Midnight Gang is a co-production between Spare Parts Puppet Theatre and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra.

Wild’s story is a peak inside the mysterious world of a sleeping baby. It tells the story of Baby Brenda and her friends – who morph from a group of ordinary toddlers by day to become the ‘midnight gang’ by night.

The members of the West Australian Symphony’s Education Chamber Orchestra (EChO) join five performers from Spare Parts in this stage version of Margaret Wild’s hilarious tale.

Noriko Nishimoto
Adaptation by Paul McPhail
Lou Westbury
Iain Grandage
Lighting Designer
Mark Howett
Puppet Construction
Jiri Zmitko

2001 Awesome International Children’s Festival, Perth Western Australia

2003 Return Season, The Playhouse

Reviews & Media

"As a co-production The Midnight Gang succeeds admirably, blending different art forms to create a vigorous hybrid. Don’t be old, just be young! This show has wide appeal and is an unashamed crowd pleaser."

Lowdown Magazine, February 2001.